Children's Furniture Sets Montessori: Educational Games

When it comes to children's furniture, it's easy to forget what's on offer. Whether it's a pirate ship, a princess room, or a cool and stylish interior, Montessori furniture for a nursery is vast and ranges from multifunctional changing tables to cribs that grow with your baby to height-adjustable desks. Montessori play sets 2 year olds are an excellent option for those parents who want their children to grow up mobile and active.

Such sets of famous Montessori furniture, which include different boards and triangles, will meet various requests and wishes. Such furniture is not only practical, of high quality, beautiful and durable — ideally, they will grow with the offspring.

The most popular sets for children 4-8 months old

The Pikler Triangle is a wooden triangle with climbing bars. There are single, double, and screw-on triangles in heights from 53 to 100 cm. The triangles with joints can be removed to save space. The advantage of double-hinged models is that they can take on various shapes. Each figure is a new task for the child. The triangle is the second climbing frame after the low step:

  • Satisfies a pronounced need to conquer heights.
  • It can be applied indoors and outdoors.
  • Sliding boards and ramps can be attached to the bars, adapted to the child's development.

Pikler's triangle allows toddlers to develop gross motor skills independently. Babies can pull themselves upon it or climb over the top. Moreover, preschoolers can include the triangle in their role play.

The triangle saves parents from sitting directly next to their child to prevent possible falls thanks to its developmental height. It allows children to experience and embrace their limitations at their own pace. Compared to a coach or climbing in a playground, parents can relax and watch the child discover.

Children always explore the triangle in their current stage of development. At a creeping age, they climb, for example, under a triangle. At the next step, they pull the triangle up. The device does not need to be adapted to the development stage.

Features of Montessori aesthetics

The Montessori children's room is characterized by dividing the space into a play and sleeping area, a discreet and open design, a bed close to the floor. Through realistic games and toys, it is necessary to foster independence and encourage creativity in the child.

Each parent can support their children in their free development and allow themselves to be amazed at what potential their little one has. The most significant gift is to show the kids that they can overcome difficulties and be themselves! Parents are laying the foundation stone with the right Montessori tool that dictates the right upbringing and brings kids closer to real life.