How to Get Office Strip Outs

Office strip outs are a cost-effective way to update the aesthetics of your workplace. It’s a great way to renew the look of any space without the need for full demolishing work. If you’re looking for a service provider, here are a few useful tips you should consider.

Hire a qualified builder

Credentials are important when getting refurbishing work done. You want someone who knows what they’re doing on a technical level. A licensed builder is your best bet when it comes to these projects. However, registered professionals are a good alternative as well. Registered builders are recognised by the industry’s regulating body. Licensed providers took and passed the test.

Another qualification you should look for is their education. A professional with a Certificate IV in Building and Construction and preferable. Additional certificates in Electrotechnology wouldn’t hurt, either.

Qualifications are important when looking for someone to do your office strip outs. The Australian government highly regulates those who are in the field. This ensures that all service providers operate in compliance with the standards.

They should have insurance

Any business owner will know better than to start any project without insurance. When looking for a service provider, make sure they are fully insured. They should have:

  • Public Liability Insurance – Even the most experienced professionals can make a mistake. What’s worse, they can happen at the most unexpected moments. This type of insurance protects you and the service provider from liabilities, should any property get damaged. It also covers injuries during construction.
  • Workers Compensation – This ensures that workers injured onsite will be compensated for their wages and medical benefits.
  • White Card Health and Safety – This card ensures that everybody onsite is trained in Job Health and Safety.

Office strip outs are a great way to upgrade your workspace. A simple refurbish could do wonders for your business. These simple tips should help you find a service provider that’s right for your needs.

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