Stopping the Numbers on the Odometer on Your own: Why a Special Filter is Useful

More recently, when mechanical odometers were installed in a car, it was pretty easy to wind up the mileage. However, the mechanical parts were soon replaced by electrical ones, which made the odometer correction process somewhat tricky at home. Nevertheless, with the help of a proven mileage blocker, this is no longer a problem. It didn’t even require additional tools. You just need to install the speedometer calibration tool behind the dashboard and start controlling it using the special buttons on the steering wheel.

Odometer and speedometer: what is the difference

Since there is one mechanism for the speedometer and odometer, and their indicators are displayed in one cell on the panel, many vehicle owners believe they are the same device. These are various devices that show multiple results. A speedometer is needed to measure the speed of a vehicle. The instrument needle does not move while the machine is at rest.

As for the odometer, when the wheels revolve, it does not indicate the rate but the distance that the automobile has traveled during the entire period of operation and at a specific interval.

What are the traits of the device for stopping the run?

An odometer stop device is a device that will help you to stop recording new data on your odometer quickly. It has several advantages:

  • The car owner can efficiently and rapidly calibrate the mileage since such a device does not require programming.
  • Calibration can be performed automatically.
  • The car owner can activate or deactivate such a device by pressing special keys.
  • Such a device will not harm the electronics.

The best thing about this device is that it can work in three modes. For example, the odometer will filter 70% of the mileage in one of them. In the other — 80%, it will completely stop recording in the third.

Odometer correction before installing a new engine

If a vehicle owner is faced with the problem of replacing an old engine, he understands that it is necessary to prepare all the conditions so that it will function normally in the future. Therefore, it becomes necessary to adjust the speedometer readings because the data from the previous unit remained on it. And although the values ​​of the old engine are recorded in almost all auto repair shops before replacing the motor, few people will pay attention to them in the future.

After all, buyers do not look at whether the motor has ever been replaced even when purchasing. It is the odometer reading that attracts their attention. Therefore, so that no controversial situations arise in the future, it is better to calibrate the odometer. A professional device will help you quickly reset the data, after which the vehicle owner will become the owner of an almost «new» car.