Advantages Of Commercial Timber Flooring

Many commercial establishments that involve a lot of physical moving of equipment/ material look for durable, easy to maintain, and most importantly, cost effective flooring. The answer to this is commercial timber flooring. Given that there is a lot of movement on these floors, owners look at setting up strong flooring, heavy duty floors that can also be scratched resistant to a certain extent.

Unlike regular timber flooring which is more suited for housing purposes, commercial timber flooring is made to suit industries, wholesale and retail stores and so on.

Advantages of Timber Flooring

Commercial set ups that deal in sports equipment and businesses that use their floors to promote their products, find commercial timber flooring best suited for them. The wear and tear costs is a lot lesser, as its durability is a lot higher as compared to laminated floors.

It has a higher withstanding capacity when exposed to conditions of water, heat and cold, provided the floors are well varnished and properly installed.

The floor has very less chances of cracking and falling apart, as it is usually made from a single piece of timber.

It may be costlier to install commercial timber flooring when compared to laminated flooring, but maintenance is a lot easier as these floors can be sanded down and re varnished to make it look as good as new.

A lot of companies, upon installing commercial timber flooring provide guarantees, even though it comes at an additional cost, it is always good to go for it.

There are various kinds of timber to choose from. Depending on ones budget, the location and weather they experience in their locality, a right choice has to be made to get the best floors installed.

These kinds of floors have also been the first choice by ancient heritage hotels, museums and old government buildings as they give an extremely rich sophisticated look. Many of commercial timber flooring installed hundreds of years ago, are still in excellent condition, only to show how durable it is.

The floors are quite easy to clean, and do not stain very quickly. They are also more hygienic when compared to other compressed flooring. The reason for this being installed as a single piece of wood vs smaller tiles placed together where the grooves and ridges act as a breeding ground for any parasites.

Even though one may pay more to set up timber floors, the investment is worth every penny.