Benefits of 3D Modelling and Analysis Before Undergoing Demolition

A building is demolished for various reasons – either it has become too old and dilapidated and is of no more use to the city in which it is located, or the building’s structure is coming apart and causing a hazard to the pedestrians and other people walking on the road, or simply because the land on which the building stands can be used for better purposes. Though demolition is necessary for the improvement of a city’s architectural health and integrity, how it is done is very important, and this is where the 3D Modelling and Analysis comes into picture.

Why is the modelling necessary?

Imagine a scenario where an old building has been surrounded by newer structures around it. As a city grows and population increases, this is bound to happen. Now, when the demolition crew gets to the point and starts breaking down the house, there will be many obstacles that they probably wouldn’t have thought of because they didn’t have access to a complete 3D model of the building. For instance, access and entry points are very important when bringing down a building. Knowing the structural integrity of the place, and how strong or weak the building is will help the structural engineers decide how much explosive to use when bringing down the building.

Sometimes it is better to demolish an old building than to spend the entire tax payer’s money on the upkeep. There are several instances too where an old structure has been renovated and brought back to life but that too depends on many other factors. In the end it is a toss between the city’s needs and its desire to save a piece of history that decides the fate of such buildings.

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