Blocked Drain Twists Remedies

Dealing with a Blocked Drain is not fun. Fortunately we have steps to take before calling a Plumber to clear a clog.

How to Unclog a Drain Sink Thant Drains Slowly

  • Do not empty more water into the drain. This will worsen the situation
  • Wear full protective clothing like goggles, gloves and overalls before tackling blockage for your own safety. Remember to remove and wash clean your protective clothing after use.
  • Have a set of drain rods which could be hired or purchased.
  • Remove the inspection cover on drain. A screwdriver will be a good tool to scrap away rust if cover is rusted shut
  • A plunger attachment and rod to be used to dislodge the blockage. Several twisting and turning could dislodge the Blocked Drain. See North Shore blocked drain.
  • Flush the drain once blockage has been dislodged through with water for remaining debris removal.

Preventive Measure for Blockages

  • Inspect regularly your drains to prevent future blockages and to catch minor blockages before they worsen.
  • Rubbish should be disposed in the correct way. Do not flush away cotton wool, face wipes or nappies as are likely to block drains.
  • Keep away flowers or plants from drains. Fit draining guards if your garden is leafy to prevent falling plant matter into drains causing Blocked Drain.
  • Cutlery and plates to be rinsed before being loaded in the dishwasher. Excess food can build and cause a blockage.

How to Unblock a Blocked Kitchen Sink Drain

Greasy buildup or items supposed to go down the pipe cause kitchen sink drains to have blocks. Special expertise is not needed to get rid of the clog. Common household supplies can be used to clear the drain. Undoing the blockage personally will save money and time spent by a professional Plumber.

Things Needed

  • Extensions cord.
  • Heating Pad.
  • Blow Dryer.
  • Vinegar (optional).
  • Baking Soda (optional).

Plunge Method

  • Place over the kitchen sink drain a clean toilet plunger.
  • Fill the lip of the toilet plunger by turning on the kitchen faucet.
  • Push downward by griping the plunger with both hands and pull with a strong motion. One will fill the resistance with enough water in sink.
  • Method to be repeated with forceful quick motions. Water will quickly drain once the sink is Blocked Drain

Heat Method

  • Underneath your kitchen sink swap heating pad (the U shaped portion of P trap)
  • Plug in the heating pad after setting it on high. This heats pipe and melts down any greasy Blocked Drains.
  • Then turn on water after 10 minutes to check on the sink drains.