Camper Trailer Tips And Tricks

Camping is a wonderful way to experience the great outdoors. Having custom camper trailer Brisbane however, makes the experience all the more amazing. To use a camper trailer however, you need to know how to use it well. Here are some tips and tricks to enhance your camping experience:

1. Leave your gourmet food at home
At home you may be able to cook a great steak or a great roast chicken but when camping, you don’t have every cooking appliance ready to cook up everything you want. Using a camper trailer doesn’t really lend itself to gourmet cooking.

2. Have a reliable power source.
Your camper trailer needs electricity so it is essential you bring an efficient power source. You can opt to use a generator but this may not be allowed in some parks as it produces a lot of noise. You can also opt to use solar power as your power source. It is renewable and eco-friendly but it won’t support your heavy appliances. One power source you can bring is a back-up or auxiliary battery. It is a second battery that can connect to your vehicle’s main battery and charges while your vehicle runs.

3. Choose your camper trailer well.
They come in different shapes and sizes. You should take into account the amount of space you and your family will need. Some have kitchens that fold up while some don’t. Others have extra spaces for sleeping or just bumming around. Others have bathrooms that are miniature while others rival bathrooms in actual homes. Depending on what you need, picking a trailer size is integral.

4. Trailer set up practice is important.
Try to set up and pack up your trailer before even starting your camping adventure. Familiarize yourself with the canvas and the tables you need to pack and unpack quickly. Practice makes perfect. Practicing will save you time in the long run and will save your precious camping time from frustrating setup dilemmas.

5. If you’re not in a big rush and if you have time to spare, let the warmth of the sun heat your canvas to make the packing and unpacking of the canvas that much easier. With a warm canvas, it will take less effort to fold it up neatly and should minimize your effort packing. Leave the canvas open a little bit to allow air to leave the canvas. This should all make the canvas packing and unpacking experience a little bit easier.