Solutions for Clogged Sinks According to Plumbers

Clogged sinks are known to be a true annoyance at home because it will cause a huge problem for everyone. It’s a well known fact that sinks are very worthy features to use at home, and it has an important function that will assure the cleanliness of homes, and without one, things can get messed up. Take note that a clogged sink can cause a horrible smell, and will make cleaning a lot harder than you can ever imagine. It’s a good thing that there are some experts that will assure you a good way to fix your sink back to perfection.


They might be the best workers in town when it comes to fixing the sinks, but it’s a good thing to know that they will also provide you some of the best solutions if you ever want to do it by yourself. Here are the basic solutions on how to fix clogged sinks according to the best plumbers in town:

First Things First!

This procedure needs you to have the right amount of strength and reach to do it. Kids can do it, but adult supervision might be needed. Take note that this is an inexpensive method indeed, and all you need to have are a few materials. You need to use a plunger and a type of snake for you to clean up some of the clogs. Check the disposer as well in order for you to avoid clogging, and all you need to do is to remove the clog and place it down to the drain.

Use the Plunger

The first thing that you should do is to work the plunger right away. Hold a wet cloth on the other sink drain to close it sealed, and then use the plunger on the other drain. Be sure to plunge up and down with strength for half a minute. Fill the sink with a bit of water so that the plunger seals on the drain as well.

Clean P Trap

The p trap is one of the most important parts of the sink, and this might be the place where the clogging exists. Make sure that you clean it up by disassembling it, and by removing some of the leftover starch, grease, and other things that might got stuck down there. This is a must to do especially if plunging didn’t work with more strength and or a long time.

Snake the Drain Line

Lastly, make sure that you snake the line by applying the snake and use it to go through until you notice some obstructions. In this way, you will be able to effectively remove the leftover clogs especially if clogging her reached to this part already.

Some Advice

For you to prevent doing this especially if you felt frustrated, then take note that prevention is the best. To prevent a clogged sink from happening ever again, make sure that you avoid throwing some leftover starch, grease, and don’t put in a lot of food on the drain whenever you’re cleaning the dishes. In this way, you will surely be able to keep your sink clean, and for you to never have to go to repairs for a long time ever again.