Common Activities that Lead to Car Accidents

Motorways are fast and convenient ways to get across to a particular spot be it intercity or Trans city. However traffic statistics say that accidents are very common on motorways and almost 60% of all road accidents happen on motorways exclusively. There are some activities which are specifically linked to accident causations. If you believe in driving safe then here is a list of certain activities that you should avoid at all costs.

Stop multitasking

Multitasking is a great way to do a lot of things in the shortest time frame possible and you can do multitasking at work as often as you can. However driving is not an activity you should multitask with as this is the leading cause for road accidents. Personal injury lawyers won’t be able to help your cause if it’s proved in court that you were talking on the phone, texting or listening to music in headphone while driving. Never eat, argue, engage in romantic activities or do anything remotely distracting while driving. You are responsible not only for your own but also for the safety of others while driving so better concentrate and do your best.

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Avoid drifting

Drifting in and out of your lane could send a load of mixed signals to your fellow motorists. This is especially applicable to long empty stretches of motorway when you are feeling extremely tired and lethargic. In case your car has drifted out of its lane don’t overreact and take sudden action to revert back to your original position. This can lead to loss of control and is a potentially fatal mistake. Take your time and make a smooth transition into your earlier position.

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