Data recovery Australia: 2016’s #1 choice!

Two things can definitely be agreed upon here. The first one is that it is quite easy for you to get data recovery services but on the other hand, I tis not as easy for you to get the best in the field to work with you.

In today’s world, most people have resorted to the use of computers as a result of the need to reduce on the amount of paper work and if by any chance the data that you store in your computer gets damaged, the damage on your end can be quite vast.

Most of us may not deem it a necessity to have a secondary back up or at least you may not get to see the importance of having the secondary back up until the damage on your data is really done. Having this in mind, we, here at CBL would like to enlighten you on some of the steps that we take before we can get to recover your data

Evaluation of the storage device does matter

One o the things that matter most is the nature of the damage that has occurred on the storage device. First of all, in data recovery, we need to do a complete evaluation on the storage device so as to be able to know whether it is the hardware that has got an issue or it is the software or rather the file system of the hard disk.

One thing that a technician should not do is to assume the nature of damages on the device since upon doing so, they may end up making the situation worse or most probably damaging the hard disk completely and will still ask you for the fee for the ‘service’ offered.

The data recovery procedure

After having determined the nature of the damage to the hard disk, our best data recovery experts will then employ their prowess in the recovery of the data. One thing that you ought to have in mind is that the period of completion of the recovery process is not predictable.

We do compromise quality over money- you definitely deserve the best services.

Returning the drive to you for your own evaluation

After having recovered the data or as much data as we are able to, we will then return the hard disk to you so that you can get to evaluate it and it is only after you are satisfied with our services that you can then pay us for the services.

It is worth taking note that we have got no additional payments as compared to other Australian firms who may charge you for the cost of travelling if they were to come to your premises. Also, if in need of emergency services, just make a phone call and we’ll see it done.