Five Questions To Ask Data Recovery Experts Before You Hire Them

If you have a problem with data loss — either through a system problem or human error — then you may not be comfortable trying to sort this out for yourself. Most of us don’t like to mess with our computers unless we’re real confident that we know what we are doing so we’ll usually try and find a data recovery expert to help if this kind of thing happens. The problem is, if this sort of thing does happen, then there is usually a real sense of urgency that we need to get it sorted. Also, if it hasn’t occurred to us before then we might not know someone who is qualified to help. As a result, we might not spend enough time thinking through who we hire here.

Hiring a data recovery expert is just like buying any service solution. What you need to get is the right result promptly at the lowest possible cost. Asking these questions before you hire an expert to recover your data may help:

#1 Do you know what caused my problem?

An experienced data recovery expert will be able to tell you what they think caused your data loss a lot of the time after asking you simple questions over the phone. They may give you more than one potential reason, but they should make you an indication that they can deal with what happened. Even if they are themselves perplexed they should still be able to tell you what they can do for you to try and work the problem out.

#2 Have you dealt with this kind of data loss before?

You don’t want to be dealing with a ‘newbie’ here who will use your problem to learn new skills and to gain experience. There are things that could go wrong irretrievably if they get it wrong themselves. Look for a specialist who has solved problems like this before and who, once again, seems to understand all the possible causes/solutions.

#3 Where will you work on my machine?

A quick fix may be able to be done on site, but something more complex may mean that your computer expert needs to take your computer or certain of its components away to work on. In some cases some experts will come and look at your computer and, if possible, fix it while they are there. In others they will pick up the machine without looking at it in your home/office or they may ask you to send the machine/component to them.

#4 How long will it take for you to run a diagnostic/fix the problem?

Before you hire any data recovery expert, you should check to see how long they think it will take them to solve your problem. Obviously, they may not be able to give you a fixed date for completion as this may depend on what is wrong with your system. But, they should be able to tell you how quickly they can start work and how long it is likely to take.

#5 How much do you charge?

Charges for data recovery vary depending on whether you use an individual expert or a specialist firm. Some specialists, for example, will charge a flat fee depending on the problem that you have. A local computer technician, however, is more likely to charge a call out fee and then an hourly rate. Make sure to check if the service charges you even if they don’t solve your problem/get your data back or whether they offer a ‘no fix, no fee’ service.

Asking these questions helps you get the best service that you possibly can. We all have different drivers here – some of us will need a quick fix, and some of us want the lowest cost. But, in all cases, you should be looking for a successful solution that sorts out your system problems and gets your data back wherever possible.