Digital Asset Management Services

Digital management systems have the capacity o support a wide range of data like pictures, images, pain t files, video graphic content, audio files, PDF, text files, JPG, JPEG, MP3, MP4, WAV and AVI and many more files. Check the entire list of electronic formats given in the DMS (Data management services system) to gain a better understanding of the different types of content you can store and manage by using this system.

Cataloguing and indexing properties

The intellectual property owned by your enterprise or system is precious and is the source of your competitive advantage. You need o take adequate care to ensure that this secure business data is protected, secured to your advantage and then enhanced with differentiated access controls. IP rights and appropriate coverage can also be assigned b the Data management system

Editing data bundles

The file content, type, description, meta-tags can all be edited/modified/deleted by the secure digital data management services. This can be done for multiple data types and for unlimited quantities of data. It’s critical to ensure that essential business data is destroyed without a trace when it’s not required anymore. External media assets related to the enterprise needs to be collected and distributed for appropriate use by the data management systems. Virtual content management systems are a worthy investment for any business.

Secure data deletion

Do you ever wonder about critically important business data which could harm your profitability if it’s exposed to competitors? Have you ever spent sleepless nights wondering about how to securely business data so that it is not accessible to anybody after destruction? Well the answer to your problems is digital asset management services.