Engineered Timber Flooring is the Right One for your Home

Whether you are renovating your home or you are in the process of building a new one, deciding which type of flooring can also give you something to think about. There are many selections that are beautiful. Some of the factors that you would think about in selecting the type of floor for your home are the price, the level of maintenance difficulty, and the aesthetic value of the floors. One of the beautiful options that you have is the engineered timber flooring. This type of flooring closely resembles the appearance of hardwood flooring. But what is good about the timber flooring is the cost. You will not be shelling out too much money on something that is beautiful and durable like the engineered timber flooring. The adaptability factor of the timber flooring is unmatched as this type of flooring can be installed in all types of weather condition. So if you live in humid and high moisture areas, the engineered timber flooring won’t decay at all. That is why more and more people are seeing the benefits of timber flooring, in fact, this type of flooring is also ideal to be installed in the laundry area. That is how tough and durable engineered timber flooring is. This is because the timber flooring is made up of layers and layers of high density fiber (HDF) which makes the floor very durable despite if heavy foot traffic. The top layer of the timber flooring is made from materials that come from different kinds of tree species giving the engineered timber flooring variety of colors and patterns.

timber floors


If you have family member who are prone to allergies, then the timber flooring is the right type of flooring for them. This is because the engineered timber flooring is not the place for house mites to propagate. The dust and other allergens are very to eradicate. Just sweep the timber flooring and all the allergens are removed. No extra type of complicated care is required.

The timber flooring is not complicated to install. There are basically there ways to install- by gluing, by stapling, and by nailing.

You can find many colors and patterns of engineered timber flooring online. The choices are very varied and you will surely find something that will match the theme and the color of the room.

So if you are looking for floors that are beautiful and highly adaptable, the engineered timber flooring Melbourne is the right choice.