Use Promotional Products to Enhance your Online Business

If you think only those with physical stores can benefit from promotional products, then think again. Even if your business is online, you can still benefit a lot by giving away products that are used for marketing. You can greatly enhance your online presence if you will use products to promote your online business. This will lead to brand exposure and repeat business with your online customers.

Insert your web address

Never assume that your customers will visit your website only because they have in their possession your company’s name. Make it a habit to include your web address in your promotional products so your customers can find you easily.


Make it a habit to have at least two kinds of promotional items- the first one being more expensive than the other one. Why? Because as an online business, you can hold a contest among your customers and you can give away the expensive promotional products to the winner while the runner-ups can get the less expensive items.

Entice online shoppers

You can encourage your online customers to buy something from you by giving them promotional products if they reach a certain amount. This is a good way to encourage them to come back to you and have a repeat business with you.

Free vouchers

Who does not like to receive free vouchers? By reaching a certain amount, you can give your online customers free vouchers or discounts on their next purchase.

Maximizing the email list

By giving away attractive promotional products as prizes for an online contest, you can actually build the list of your customers by making the products more attractive so they can be encouraged to sign-up for your newsletters. This part is a bit tricky because you might need to give more expensive promotional products in order to attract more online customers. The idea is to give away products to those who sign-up for your newsletter.

Include the new product

If you have new products, you can make your online customers get aware of these new products by sending them free samples or you can include these new products on their next purchase.

Thank the bloggers

If bloggers say praises about your products, send them promotional products so you can even encourage them to talk about your online business. This is a great marketing scheme for online business.

By giving away free and useful corporate promotional products to your online customers, you inculcate in them the sense of loyalty and appreciation.

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