Get a Cocktail Machine Hire for an Unforgettable Party

Part of putting on a great event or party is being a great host. That is why you have to keep your guests entertained and for this you need to think about cocktail machine hire Sydney .

A frozen cocktail machine would be a perfect addition to a party or an event. Why settle for beer for everyone, when you can offer them a variety of delicious, sweet and refreshing cocktails? Hiring a bartender can be quite expensive and besides this he/she can only make a limited amount of cocktails in a given time.

But with a cocktail machine you have as many cocktails as you want, no matter what flavor you want. Besides this, you will not be afraid that you will run out of ice because the machine makes its own ice. How awesome is that?

You have a lengthy list of cocktails to choose from and various service packages according to your needs and the number of guests.

How to make a cocktail machine hire?

Once you decide you need a cocktail machine, there are several steps you need to take to make sure you acquire the right one for you.

First, you have to decide how many flavors you want. For example, if you want two flavors, you will need to hire a double-bowl cocktail machine (each bowl can hold one flavor). After this, you have to decide how many drinks you think people will have. Each bowl can make around 60 drinks so that a double-bowl machine will make 120 drinks.

If you want only one flavor (60 drinks) you can opt for a refill round. You can have as many additional refills as you want. If you do not know how many refills you would need, the best way is to consider that each guest will have two cocktails (some will not drink at all, and other might drink more, so two is average for a person). For a party with 50 guests you would need a double-bowl cocktail machine while for an 80-guest party you can have the three-bowl machine.

If you decide for a cocktail machine hire, you will only have to provide the above mentioned information and the company you choose will do the rest. They will explain how to use the machine, where to place it and how to return it after the party. You will also be provided a detailed instruction sheet, so that anyone at the party could have the possibility to operate and refill the machine as needed.