Get Oriented With The Duties Of A Security Guard

If you will look around you, you will probably notice that there are security guards everywhere. Almost all business shops are with security guards posted in front of their entrances. This is because these business owners are fully aware of the fact that thieves are really everywhere and sometimes, they strike even in broad daylight. Actually, most of them will choose office hours to strike business shops as they are close during non-office hours and most of the time, the money will not be left in the shops but deposited to their respective banks. As for the banks, they are also attacked during day time since when they are close, they are usually equipped with alarms that are monitored not only by their security companies but also be the authorities. So, you see, if you have a business shop, you should contact the Brisbane Security to secure the area.

But what really are the responsibilities of a typical security guard? If you are interested to learn about them, scroll down below:

– The first duty of a typical security guard is to make sure that he is clearly visible. That is right, just like any security accessories like home security alarms and surveillance cameras, burglars and thieves will think twice seeing there is an alert security guard guarding the place they plan to invade.

Security Guard


– He should be constantly on guard and vigilant. You see, in a business establishment, burglars and thieves are just part of the threats. There are still other elements like fire and many others thus the security guard must also have a keen sense of smell and can easily detect suspicious situations.

– He should be always alert and ready to run to where he is needed or summoned. Aside from the task of being sensitive to his surroundings, he must also be alert all the time so that if trouble occurs in the area he is assigned, he can deal with it quickly.

– He should also know how to assess the situation like when to call help. Even if they are indeed trained to deal with troubles, still there are times when he alone cannot resolve the situation like if there are more people getting into trouble. In situations like these, then he should call the police right away.

– He should know how to abide by the rules the business owner instructed him to like for example if he is assigned in the entrance of a certain business shop and is required to check every guest, then he should do so meticulously.

– When hired for special event, they should be able to maintain peace and order since that is the main reason why are hired.

So, these are the duties of a typical security guard. However, for sure you have noticed that though already aware, there are security guards that are not really passionate with their duties. So, beware about then and spend enough time in looking for the good ones.