Get to Know the Electricians

Thousands of electrical companies are operating in Australia, involved in various types of electrical activities, including installation, commission and repair works. Therefore, naturally, we can find many electricians working with these companies. The electricians’ job mainly entails installation of new electrical equipment and repairing the existing ones. All buildings will have electrical wiring and power and control systems, which are installed during construction and require maintenance, usually conducted with the help of electricians.

Job Description of Electricians

 They have to go through the blueprint of the house before starting any of their tasks.
 They have to follow various regulations under the National Electric Code.
 They have to do various services like repairing broken lights, control systems, motor, wiring, etc.
 They have to work with engineers and architects while designing the systems for new buildings.

Types of Electricians

 Industrial electricians: They usually work in factories and industries and help electrical systems work safely and resourcefully in these places. They are also known as maintenance electricians.
 Residential electricians: They mainly work in residential areas and help the residents maintain and fix their electrical problems.

Skills Required

 They should be able to identify the electrical wire by color.
 They should be able to diagnose the problem and think of the best possible action.
 They should have people friendly skills since their work requires communication with people on a regular basis.
 They must be able to bid on their jobs, since they are mostly self-employed, as well as plan their work assignments and their payroll.

Tools Used

Electricians need to be equipped with various hand tools, as well as power tools such as benders, used to bend various conduits; pliers used for general cutting, bending and pulling; cable cutters; Voltmeter and Insulation Resistance Tester, etc.

License and Registration

Rob Martin electrical contractors in carry proper license and they are registered. In Australia, licensing requirement is different in different states. However, all electrical work requires a licensed person to execute the job. Safety instruments used during job execution also require constant checking to see if they are functioning properly.

Electricians are required to wear proper protective clothing to reduce the casualties since the job involves various hazards like electrical shocks, burns, and other injuries. Safety precautions must be observed diligently.