Good Page Design Can Enhance the Accessibility Factor

As the owner or the manager of a website it sometimes becomes very important to check how good your website accessibility is neutrally. Well, try navigating your website only using the keyboard. It might sound incredibly frustrating but it is often an accurate measure of how efficient your web designs are. Something as simple as the tab order plays a crucial role in determining the efficiency of the design. You never know what will irk your customer the most so it’s better to be well prepared at all times. The accessibility check should not be a onetime check; rather it should be performed for at at least 3-6 months to grasp the actual results.

Captioning videos and PDF conversions

One way which web designers recommend in terms of increasing accessibility is captioning videos. However many designers say captioning is very difficult to implement and practice apart from being incredibly time consuming. No other way is to have an option of converting PDF files into HTML or RTF documents. Though browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox do have the provision of simple PDF viewing the complexity of Adobe viewing software often hinders it from making the jump.

To sum up accessibility is not something that should be thought of when all the website design is over. Accessibility should be central to the web designing process as its very important for customer convenience.

Make an excellent website design brief

Most of the poorly communicating websites you see on the Internet nowadays are probably made by a talented web designer who received a bad brief from his client. The website brief will contain all information from the purpose of the website, the main sections, content, business proposition and call for action. Information of what the target audience wants as well as what they absolutely do not want is communicated in the brief of the web design. A good brief makes for a good website as the designer will be more in touch with the expectations and intentions of his client.

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