Granny Flats Defined

A backyard shed turned into a living spaces gradually becoming a favored trend among many homeowners in Australia. There has been a steady trend towards Australian home owners building these miniature houses in their homes. The granny flat though small has some advantages that impress homeowners hence a rising popularity.

What They Are

A granny flat is a ancillary dwelling that is put up on a property. These miniature houses are built attached to the garage or main house. Some people often have it as a separate structure. Building it is on many occasions cheaper than building a new building. This and the fact they will minimally interfere with the structure of the main building is part of the cause why there is a growing popularity attached to them.



Granny flats are small and can be built easily and quickly with most of them taking between 8 and 12 weeks to be completed. The design can be varied to fit the preferences of the owner. The design is customized depending on the intended use of the granny flats. Some may include four rooms with bedrooms, kitchens, living and dining places. Some, however, are merely one large open space for a hobby space or home office.


As mentioned earlier granny flats can be customized to serve various purposes some of which may include

• Home for the elderly parents- with a granny flat you do not have to put your senile aunt in an institute. You can take care of them without them having to lose their independence.

• Home Office- you can cut the cost of having to rent a space in a commercial building by having an office right there at home. This also cuts travel and eat out costs since you will be working from home.

• Additional bedrooms– you do not have to renovate the house to get 3 or 4 extra bedrooms; just build a granny flat.

• Rental income- you can make some extra cash by renting out the flat. You can even move into the flat and rent out the main house.

• Hobby space- this space is perfect for your personal passions and pastimes.

Legal Considerations

Before you set out to build your flat with the help of granny flats builder Perth, it is fundamental that you are conscious of any laws that govern the process. The local council may have to approve of your building permit without which you may be liable to prosecution.

The little dwellings definitely add beauty to your home and if properly designed and built they are bound to be profitable in various ways.

Keep the granny flats free from pests. Call a termite exterminator.