How To Become A Successful Website Designer

A company’s website is a powerful tool of online marketing and communication. It can even make or break a business, by attracting more customers or driving away customers.


It is through the website of a company, that people, or prospective customers often get an initial introduction to the company. The first thing that people do on hearing the name of a company is of course to look it up on the internet, and check out their website.

Hence, a website has to be designed appropriately and effectively. It has the capacity to decide whether its visitors will stay or leave.

Since a website is designed by a website designer, all these facts just show how challenging yet important the job of a website designer is.

Skills required by a Website Designer

A website design should ideally have a load of creativity, intelligence and of course patience. Just like making a website aesthetically appealing, and at the same time user friendly, a website design should also know how to design in such a way that it boosts the ranking of the website in the search results. They must also know where to place advertisements in order to make them effective.

A comprehensive knowledge of computers is another thing that a website design must possess. It includes everything about coding and computer programming as well.

Anyone with a strong passion for designing would be able to do website designing, although there are lots of traditional universities and colleges that provide designing courses both in person as well as online. Most of these design courses focus primarily on digital media modules combined with web programming modules, more specifically HTML and CSS.

Job and salary

The average rate that website design charge these days is between $20 to $50 an hour. Now, this rate can vary depending on the requirements of the client, the complexity of the website and the experience level of the designer.

Considering how huge the industry already is, and how rapidly it is growing, a website designer could make up to $50000 a year, if he is proficient enough.

Large and small development firms often hire Web design by Fresh Digital, so one could work for regular salary. Apart from that, inexperienced designers could start off as assistants to established ones and gain more hands-on experience. After working on some smaller projects for some time, gradually one could move on to bigger more challenging projects.