How to Properly Perform Tree Pruning

Pruning trees is one humane way of removing unnecessary parts of a dead tree in order to avoid destroying it. It’s a method that’s also meant to provide a better design for the plant once it dies off during the winter. In this way, it can have a better chance to go back to life once the wintertime is over, and it will be able to grow beautifully once the springtime comes.

Here are some steps that you should take note if you ever want to properly perform tree pruning to assure a better look for your plant once again:

Where and How to Make the Cuts?

Cutting is the best way to prune a tree. It’s because the branches of the trees will be removed properly in order to make sure that it will never get damaged. This must be done by pruning those branches that you don’t want to be in the tree anymore, while at the same time protecting the stem and trunk parts of the tree. Take note that tree branches grow from stems and its nodes.

The Technique

Cut the underside of the tree’s branch in the form of a small wedge. Be sure to choose the branch that’s located at the stem collar. It will then break the tree’s bark and will prevent it from tearing from the bark to the stem’s tissues. It’s a technique that’s meant to prevent damage whenever the trees are being pruned. Next is to cut through the branch in order to leave a stub end on it. Be sure to do this from the top of the branch going to the end of it. Once done, you should make the last cut parallel and at the branch area of the stem collar so then the stub will go shorter in terms of size.

Its Effect on the Tree

This technique is very important to follow as it protects the stem of the tree, and also the other branches that will grow from that very part. Also, it will allow the tree to heal better after you do the procedure the right way – making it capable of a beautiful way to grow after the winter season.

So be sure to follow all of the instructed things carefully on the technique part of this article to ensure that you will be able to prune your tree effectively. This is a must to do on most of your trees so then it won’t look bad once it grows back once again, and at the same time giving it a decent look even when it looks ‘dead’ in the winter.