Importance of Segregating Wet and Dry Waste

Generating waste is something you just cannot avoid whether at home or in public. Everyone knows these materials have an impact on the environment and human health. Understandably, waste management is something you must follow scrupulously to avoid harmful consequences. One way to do this is by segregating wet and dry garbage and placing them in separate skip bins meant for the purpose. Being aware and responsible is the best way of protecting yourself and your immediate environment.

What are Wet and Dry Waste?

All garbage coming from residential/commercial/public places can be categorized into wet or dry. Dry garbage include aluminium foils, tetrapacks, glass, paper, plastics, metals etc whereas wet garbage includes all kitchen waste and other waste items such as fruits, flowers, vegetables, leaves, wood, pencil shavings etc.

Segregating Wastes Ensures Thorough Disposal

Not all wastes dumped together at landfills disintegrate completely. Many hazardous or non-biodegradable garbage such as car batteries or plastics contaminate the soil of the landfill area and the adjoining sites. Glass, metals or other dry waste also contaminate the water and soil if they are allowed to flow through the sewer system of the city. Such dry wastes have to be treated separately so that they cannot contaminate the natural environment. They can be recycled for further use. Hiring cheap skip bin hire Melbourne and segregating the waste is the only way of ensuring that different garbage materials are collected separately and treated in the most appropriate manner for safe disposal.