Installing a sail shade – The Basics

A sail shade is a type of shade installed outdoors whose shape and technology it falls back on is heavily based on the sails of a ship. These are often used in backyards or a large field to give shade to a space exposed by the sun. People who make use of the shades often use it for activities involving relaxation and just having fun. Installing a sail shade is an easy feat to pull off and here are the basic steps needed in order to get things working. You can buy these from Sail Shades Shop in Sydney.

Preparing the shade and the area

The first step in installing a sail shade is preparation. Prior to this however, the person making use of the shade must have determined the three important aspects that should be considered when choosing a shade of this type namely size and how much area it will cover, area to be installed, as well as the shape. The shade should be laid out in its relaxed position with the space determined between the fixed points and the shade for the purpose of creating tension as the sail shade needs to stretch out in order for it to be used properly.

Setting up

The next step of sail shade installation is setting it up and there are two ways of attaching it: by using a full set of independent posts or with half of it supported by the roof. When using standalone posts, regardless if half is used as support or the whole three or four legs are used, a hole has to be dug in specific areas with the depth depending on the shade’s area. It is advisable to pour a layer of cement or gravel respectively to soft or hard ground to help support the legs. If there should be any supports that the house will have to provide, the hooks should be installed well on the building’s frieze.

Shade Sails


Hooking the shades

This is the final part of the sail shade installation process and all a person has to do is to hook the shades to where they are supposed to go. The final output should look like the shade has been fully stretched without showing any sign of creasing. Steps should be retraced should there be any problems. When the shades look droopy after much time has passed, the sail shade should be simply retightened otherwise it will sag and may cause some problems.