Introduction to Floor Trims

Having a perfectly tight floor joints that looks professional and clean is easy. With the use of floor trim or base molding, you can achieve a smooth transition and smart finish on your floor. Installing a molding and a trim can be easy but can be tricky, here are the things you need to do.


The most common material for molding or trim is pine because it is affordable. It reduces the risk of breakage and easier to maneuver. Other materials used are birch, oak and mahogany. There are also synthetic moldings that are available like moldings that are made of particle board or fiberboard. This is because it is convenient.

There are 2 kinds of molding, known as cove molding and base molding. Cove molding is popular when your goal is to create a conventional design. This is available in different sizes from .5inches to .5 feet.

On the other hand, base molding is also available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. In using this kind of molding, installing a base cap next to the base molding is a necessity. It is usually installed on all 4 sides of the room and usually comes with an elongated piece at the bottom.



How to install a trim?

  1. Measure the space that requires the trim. Note down the sizes, especially the inside and outside corners.
  2. Purchase the prefinished trims. Choose a design that complements your floor. You can ask for advices from interior designers for suggestions or to your friends.
  3. Make sure there are no debris in the space. You can use a vacuum to make sure that the space is clean.
  4. In installing, start in the corners. Fit the trim in the corner and attach it to the walls by using finishing nails and a smooth face hammer. Lay the piece of trim along the base where it will be installed to estimate the sizes. Cut and trim it in case it’s too long. You can use a round power saw for this. Note: The secret in achieving a clean inside corner is to test it first before permanently installing it. If the joint is cleanly finished, then you can install it there.
  5. You can also partially cut the nail heads using wire cutter before you settle it in.
  6. After installing it, remove all fillers and dry clean the area.

There are wide types and designs of floor trims that you can easily match to your floor. All you have to do is choose a good one and make sure to purchase from a trusted manufacturer.