Maintain Your Furniture Upholstery Through Dry Cleaning

One safe way to enhance your home interior is to take your furniture upholstered. But see to it that they are being cleaned regularly because dust and stains are accumulated on them with daily usage. There are some permanent stains that can only be removed with the help of furniture upholsterer.

Protects sensitive fabrics

Certain fabrics like nylon and silk (though less commonly used as upholstery fabric) are prone to damage due to detergents and solvents. These fabrics need to be dealt with extra carefully. Dry cleaning protects such sensitive fabric. The Furniture Upholstery services in Brisbane would use set processes to ensure the fabric is not just cleaned, but also protected.

Retains colour

Not just the fabric, but even the colour is protected. The cleaning is done over a very small, hidden place in the upholstery. Once the reaction is positive, it is done on the entire upholstery. This ensures the colours are maintained as-is and don’t fade off over time. Through conventional techniques, the fabrics might fade off in a certain period of time.


Some tests have shown that if solvents, detergents and other agents are used to clean upholstery, they might leave a wet place somewhere – unintentionally. Those wet places act as an incubator for germs. You might notice moulds and mildew, stains and smell developing – and soon might have to get the upholstery cleaned. Dry cleaning won’t really have such bad effects.

Other benefits

Other important benefits of dry cleaning your furniture upholstery are – it removes some types of deep stains and dust by cleaning the fabric thoroughly. You’ll see no shrinkage of the material, and no wetting. There will be no detergent residue, and people with allergies won’t have any problem with the fabric after dry cleaning it.