Precautions You Should Take While Hiring an Escort

There are different kinds of services offered by escorts. Some might be just a performance, some might involve taking photographs or signing autographs, but some might even allow you to go a little further. Whatever it is, make sure you know the terms of the service. Be aware that anything additional might be charged over and above what you already paid. Ask questions in case you have doubts.

Legal age

Escorts who offer sexual services somehow fall under legal prostitution. So age requirements are important in this case. Don’t invite trouble by not asking the agency or the escort about the age. Make sure they are above the legal age. This way you will also help young girls who are forced into this profession without their will.

Payments and durations

Some escorts charge a fixed price while some charge hourly. This depends on how many people will be present at the place and how long they want these services. Also, most of the escorts prefer cash payments. Always keep this point and never come up with a credit card. You might defame yourself and land in trouble.

Medical records

Also be cautious of the medical records of the escort. You can ask for one if you want, just to ensure that you don’t encounter any Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in case sexual activity is within your terms of contract. Sometimes, even the escorts might ask you about your health records for their safety – so don’t hesitate to share your records.