Moving Checklist to Complete Before Calling Removals

Relocating may be a one day job but there are a million tasks to complete before and after (especially before) that process. This may include big tasks such as cleaning out the garden and roof gutters or small tasks such as notifying the relatives and landlord. Before calling removals service provider ensure to take care of important things around the house to make your relocating process smooth and easy.



Mentioned below are 10 essential tasks to cover before the removals come at your doorstep:

1. Notify Important People – It is important that you notify your bank, local council, insurance company and accountant about the relocation so they can make the required changes in the records.

2. Arrange an Auction – When packing household items, people get the chance to dispose many unwanted items. Prepare an auction to sell unwanted items such as clothes, shoes, furniture, kitchen items, old car etc at least 3 weeks prior to the day of moving.

3. Important Documents – Ensure to set aside important documents such as medical, insurance, school, home documents. Arrange a separate box for these crucial documents and make a point not to put this box in the removals’ vehicle. Rather keep that one box in your car on the big day.

4. Book Removals Service Provider – At least 2-3 weeks prior to moving, book a removal company that suits your budget and other requirement.

5. On Moving Day – Moving day can be really stressful so keep a checklist for that particular day and ensure to take care of things such as ensuring al taps; gas, electrical switches and lights are turned off. Also, once all your good are loaded in the van glance through the house one last time to see that nothing has been left behind.

6. Mails – Make arrangements to redirect your mails to the new address.

7. Pets – Make transportation arrangement for your pets (if you have any). If you have more than one pet, it is best to arrange an interstate pet transport service to transport them to the new location with ease.

8. Notify Schools – Notify your kid’s school and their transport facility about the address change so they can make the required arrange.

9. Frozen Food – At least 4-6 weeks prior to moving start consuming frozen food and finish them up before moving.

10. Cancel Subscriptions – Cancel newspaper, magazine, milk subscriptions and other delivery services that you may have. Also, return rental books/video tapes.

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