Requirements of becoming a plumber

Becoming a plumber is a wise choice when thinking of a career that one should pursue. Plumbing services are needed not only in residential scenarios where installation and repairs are needed but they are also sought after in commercial and industrial settings. When a person wishes to choose this career path, there are a few requirements that he or she must be able to accomplish in order to become at least a journeyman plumber. Here are three general requirements needed in order to become a plumber. There may be more requirements necessary depending on the country or state the person is in but it is usually an addition to the list given below.


When a person aspires to become a plumber, education is not so strict in terms of finishing a college degree. In fact, it can already be enough that a person finishes high school. However, he or she is required to have the knowledge needed in order for him or her to become a plumber such as installations, maintenance and above and below ground drainage to name a few. Something as basic as mathematics is also important as it can play a crucial role in the designing of pipelines so it boils down to the person who has either graduated high school or has taken up vocational courses.




When becoming a plumber, apprenticeship is a must. A person interested in plumbing should be well prepared with real life experiences by working alongside a professional plumber. Apprenticeship however is more than just working together with a master plumber – supplementary classes are also given which helps enrich the knowledge and learning of the interested plumbers. There may be different ways in order for a person to enlist himself or herself for an apprenticeship but it usually involves applying for the said program and taking a series of tests before he or she can be approved.


When a person has already finished his or her plumber’s apprenticeship period, it is time for him or her to go to the next level and become a full-fledged plumber. By doing so, he or she needs to take a licensure exam. The licensure exam is important as it will not only prove that the person is very capable of what he or she is doing but it also proves to people that the person can be trusted with his or her expertise in the area of plumbing when they are called in for installations, repairs and the like. They will call plumbers immediately in Toowoomba to hire and repair the plumbing problems that they have.

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