The Rise of Photo booth


Each of us knows the importance of photo booth, but did you know the story behind it? Enlighten yourself with the following information:


The photo booth that we know and love in parties has gone through over three decades. The first known photo cubicle was featured at the World Fair in Paris in 1889. This is a coin operated a machine that prints pictures in about five minutes. However, it was Anatol Josepho that invented the first curtain closed photo booth. For 25 cents, people could get a strip of photos in about eight minutes. After its’s success, it spread across America and overseas countries.

For legal matters

The Auto- Photo is a model that was developed for ID, police and prison mug shots. There was no curtain and included a number beside the strip.

Photo booth become popular

Photograph booths quickly established themselves, especially when Andy Warhol manipulate pictures portraits in his artwork, the first artist to do so. One of his famous work is the picture of Marilyn Monroe.


Up until 1960, booths have attendants that would adjust the lens and help people pose for their shots. After 8 years, users could now freely operate the booth and do poses.

Coloured Print

Did you know that it took nearly 40 years before it printed coloured photos? Up until 1968, pictures are printed in black and white with enlarging and large drawings.


The early 1990s when a company starts digital photo booths that used digital cameras and computer to print faster strips.

Photobooth Today

With today’s technology, photograph booth drastically improves bringing quality pictures on every occasion. You can now get your printed copy after few seconds and view it online.

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