Role Playing and Role Reversal Activities Help Promote Team Building

Team building is a tough job. A ‘team’ is a non living entity, a feeling that can only be felt as a spirit of togetherness by the ones who are part of the team. It is a difficult feeling to describe, and it is even more difficult to foster this feeling n each and every member of your team.

One of the common complaints that team members have is that they think that either the top brass of the company is being unfair with them and is ignorant of their plight, or that their other team members have got the upper hand on them. There are many ways you can tackle these issues – through conversation and communication, through an open policy in the company so that each one knows about how much the other is working and there are no hidden secrets, or you can address these issues by playing a game of ‘role reversal and role playing’.

How do these help in team building efforts?

Role playing and role reversal techniques are a two way strategy to hone the team building effort in your company.

First of all, they allow your team mates to work better in a given situation as the role playing exercises will prime their reaction to stressful situations and allow them to work in a productive manner.

Role reversal on the other hand helps your team mates understand the nature of the company and why some decisions are taken at the time that they are. Complaints and doubts can thus be resolved easily when such exercises are used.

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