Security: A fundamental need

The three fundamental needs of a human being are: food, shelter and clothing. This is common knowledge, but a fundamental right that should be included is security. There has been an upswing in circumstances of insecurity in the world and the different world governments have beefed up security patrols in an effort of not only assuring the electorate of their ability to stem the tide of insecurity but also win in the event of an election.

It is easy to condemn the government and security agencies when we are faced with issues of insecurity and we seldom consider that as members of society we have a role to play in ensuring that our own safety is guaranteed. Security patrols alone are inefficient if the electorate does not support the presence of law enforcement agencies. It is important for the law abiding citizens to report any suspicious activity that they observe. The worrying trend that is prevalent is where the citizens have information that would be of use to the security agencies, but withhold it. This usually leads to dire repercussions to the society.

Trust is a pillar of security

Trust is an important is an important component of security. If the security agencies do not create an atmosphere of trust, then they face an uphill task of maintain law and order because trust is usually compared to glass, once shuttered it can never be restored to the original form. The security agents need to educate their electorate that their job is to ensure that law and order are maintained. If trust was to be maintained, then security patrols would yield better outcome because the patrols would be well-informed of any impending mischief.

The military is not the solution

In some countries, security has deteriorated to the level where the security patrols are conducted by the military. The military is supposed to handle external threats that affect the country. Deployment of the military inside a country should only be under extreme conditions like when a state of emergency is declared. The military is usually a sign of might thus persistent deployment of the military is usually a sign of highhandedness and these usually leads to revolts due to the fact that the people who need to feel protected usually feel insecure because the powers that be display such might.

Corruption in the agencies

Corruption is one of the key causes that leads to security agencies facing a major hurdle in their bid to root out criminals. Some of the security agents work with known gangs while some aof the respected men and women in blue take bribes. These acts severely damaged the relationship that exists between the security agencies and the society. Governments need to use stringent measures to curtail those officers who bring the law into disrepute.
The conclusion of the matter

The whole humanity needs to be involved in weeding out insecurity. If that happens, then there will be a massive decrease in cases of insecurity.