Why Your Should Consider Shifting to Natural Gas at Home

A couple of years ago, the International Energy Agency predicted that today will be the age of natural gas. It is a cleaner energy source than coal or oil. Add to that, the recent technological advancements in extraction has driven the prices substantially. Natural gas in Australia also costs significantly less than in most developed countries. So, it is no wonder why it is widely used both in industrial and in the residential sector.

Its industry in Australia is steadily growing. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it is one of the two leading sources of energy for households, the other one being electricity.



Uses at Home

The most common way to use it at home is for cooking. It heats food quickly and you can change the temperature rapidly and with ease. Natural gas is also perfect for heating, including heating water, and even cooling.

Beyond cooking, this source of energy can power a score of appliances as well. These include pool heaters, barbecues, fireplaces dryers and even outdoor lights.

Safety and Licensing

While natural gas is an inexpensive and a relatively clean energy source, it is important to keep in mind that it can also be dangerous if mishandled. That is why only licensed fitters can perform installation and maintenance of natural gas systems and equipment.

Leaks are extremely unsafe and can cause fire and explosion. Sometimes it can be identified by a characteristic smell. The natural gas itself is odourless, but an odorant is always added to it as means of leak detection. There are cases when an appliance may look and smell completely normal, but it is actually not properly installed and, therefore, hazardous. To ensure safety, gas fitters should perform all the installation and maintenance need. Also, remember to ask for a compliance certificate after the job is finished.