Signs your Web Designing Firm is Not Working Out for you

Hiring a web designing company is a big decision – your website is in the hands of web designers, who can either make it or break it for you. With so much depending on the way websites are designed, time they take to load, user-experience they generate and search engine optimization, you need to ensure you have chosen the right set of people to look after your website. However, sometimes even the most informed decisions go wrong.


So you had a new project to offer to the clients and wanted them to know that immediately. You wanted a new landing page for the website, through which the clients can directly share their project details with you. But you find the things are moving slower than expected. The page has problems and is not working as per your thoughts. This is not a good sign – especially if you see a huge time lag or delay with every project.

Less exposure

You felt you had chosen the best company with the most skilled workers but see no results. The clients are confused and don’t get the information correctly, Google is not rewarding you with better search traffic, the link-backs are odd, you see no jump in your page ranking even after using good techniques, the pages are not loading fast on mobile platforms etc. If you encounter such things over a certain period of time regularly, there might be some problem with the web designing company. Ask them to take corrective steps or simply change the designer.

Corporate videos are becoming popular tool on marketing your company. Ask your web designing firm about this.