Solar Power Storage Options you Should Know About

The rising popularity of solar panels brings with it several challenges too, such as intermittency and storage. This is understandable as solar panels work predictably and steadily as long as the sun is shining nice and strong. During the night or on cloudy days; electricity output from solar systems can fluctuate continuously compelling you to fall back on conventional power services in order to meet your energy needs. This means succumbing once again to rising power bills and monthly expenses. Investing in solar power storage is instead a better option as you can access continuous power from your own solar panels without any recurrent expenditure.

What are the Solar Storage Options Available?

Solar storage options available in the Australian market include a power router wherein a modular structure controls power the power generated and stores it in a battery bank if required. Another option is to invest in a self-contained module that both manages and stores energy. This system also enhances the battery life of your unit by tapping on individual batteries instead of the entire battery bank (as is common in most other storage options). This also means that the entire battery is not affected in case there is a problem with an individual cell.

On the other hand, solar power is not just limited to home usage. Recently this has been used to power up vehicles – solar cars.

Save Money on Fuel

These days, fuel is definitely not cheap and has no indication of becoming so in the near future. On the contrary, fuel prices worldwide are likely to escalate further and this is where solar cars can really help you to maintain your car and enjoy it without going bankrupt on oil bills. With solar cars, there are no fuel bills to be paid and you can really afford to have multiple cars; one for each member of your family. The sunlight that is converted into electricity is available for free and apart from the initial purchase cost of the vehicle, there are almost no other expenses involved for day-to-day running.

Drive in Comfort

Solar cars run without the usual vibrations and noise associated with regular cars. They are much lighter and easy to manoeuvre. The motor and other components are virtually maintenance-free making them all the more convenient for regular use.