Why You Need to Have Proper Cleaning Solution for Your Contact Lens

Contact lens provides comfort for someone who is having a vision problem. As you value your precious eyesight, you must be extra careful about using the right cleaning products for removing dirt and grime from your lens surface. Only a proper solution cleaner can ensure that your Acuvue Oasys lenses are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected so that there is minimum risk of infection or irritation in your eyes.

Cleaning your Contact Lenses

Regular cleaning of lenses is an absolute must if you want to wear your lenses safely and for as long as you want. Never skip the cleaning routine no matter how tired you are or how inconvenient it is. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the lenses and use fresh cleaning solution every time. Rub your lenses thoroughly and rinse them before storing.

Using the Right Cleaning Solution

Considering the importance of a regular cleaning routine, you probably don’t wear your lenses without cleaning and disinfecting them regularly. And this means you clean them with just about anything that is easily available in case the actual cleaning solution is unavailable.

But did you know that cleaning your lenses with tap water, distilled water, rewetting drops or saliva can cause more harm than good? This is because none of these have the potential for cleaning and disinfecting your contact Acuvue Oasys lenses thoroughly.

Moreover, these contain several impurities, germs and harmful chemicals that get transmitted to your eyes through the lenses; thus causing irreparable damage. This is why you must only use good quality branded cleaning solutions from reputed contact lens manufacturers and nothing else for cleaning your lenses regularly.