Benefits of Installing Backflow Prevention Devices at Home

Across Australia, only potable water (i.e. water of drinking quality) is supplied across homes and establishments through outlets and pipes installed by the city authorities. Such water is used for human consumption, cooking, bathing or cleaning purpose. However, often due to backflow problem, this potable water flowing through the pipes can get contaminated and cause serious harm to human health. The backflow prevention is therefore absolutely essential for any residential, commercial or public property to ensure that the water flowing through the pipes is indeed of the highest standard.

Reasons for Backflow

Backflow contamination usually happens either because of back pressure or back siphonage. Back pressure occurs when there is a sudden increase in pressure within the pipes carrying potable water inside your premises and this pressure becomes greater than the pressure of water flowing through the main pipeline outside. Due to this increased pressure, potable water from within your premises flows backwards and can enter the sewer lines. Back siphonage happens when there is a sudden drop in pressure in the main lines due to a burst pipe somewhere or open hydrant. Because of this low pressure, dirty water flowing through adjacent sewer pipes (that are at a high pressure) enters the potable water pipes and contaminates the water flowing within. Clause 4.3 of AS/NZS 3500.1 mention three level of hazards due to backflow contamination, namely low, medium and high.

Risk of contamination is considered low when it can inconvenience people without endangering their health. Contamination risk is considered medium when it can endanger public health and a high risk of contamination is when it can cause actual death. Backflow test kit is used to check the quality of water.

Benefits of Installing Backflow Prevention Devices

There are several ways of backflow prevention but the most effecting and economical way of doing so is to install a proper mechanical prevention device at specific points as mentioned above. Such devices vary in scope, size and type according to the level of hazard and the nature of connection in the plumbing. By installing an appropriate device you can certainly protect your home and establishment from risks of water contamination. In fact, many city authorities make it legal for property owners to install such devices for the safety of the entire population.

To avoid water contamination, the backflow prevention agency in Gold Coast can conduct appropriate action for this.