Tips to Compare Services and Quotes of Various Home Builders

Constructing your own home is definitely one of the most ambitious and expensive projects of your life. Naturally, you would like your home to be constructed in a manner that will make it robust; comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. House builders or a construction company can play a vital part in the entire process; right from helping you select a plot to the finish. However, with so many builders all around, it’s best to compare multiple firms on different parameters before entering into any contract.

Categories of Home Builders

Project builders and contract builders are the two categories of home builders whom you can contact for your house building needs. Project builders are large-scale builders who have multiple housing projects going on simultaneously. They have a full-fledged sales team to tackle different issues with customers. Project builders also offer design service, land and house packages and help on financing the project. Contract builders often work individually and stay personally involved at each stage of the construction. Some contract builders also offer design services.

Comparing Builders

Noting down the names of some regular builders is not enough; you must know how to compare them so that you can confidently hire the right home builder for your dream project.

Check for Experience

Experience is of vital importance and you must always check with Australian Securities and Investments Commission or the Consumer Protection’s Business Names Branch to know more about a particular builder. In lieu of a fee, you can obtain all details from these institutions regarding the trading name; for how long the trading name has been in business; any complaints against the trade name etc.

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On the other hand, there are things to consider as well when selecting a location to build your dream home.

Check for Features and Facilities

It is advisable to avoid plots that are too close to bush fire zones as you would have to spend more towards special construction required in such zones. Also avoid buying plots for residential use that are too close to industrial areas or plots that have been broken up into multiple tiny allotments. It is best to invest in first-phase plots in areas that about to see a surge in development as such plots will definitely become highly valuable within a few years.

In case of facilities, the area should have existing connections of gas, telephone, electricity and sewer lines. The price of land should be lower in case you have to spend for getting such connections yourself.

Another important aspect that you should check is the safety guidelines that they are imposing. Proper safety gear like hand gloves, goggles, safety shoes and others should be worn by their workers. Construction and demolition jobs are mandated by the government to abide safety measures at all times.

Backflow testing should be done to your home to avoid water contamination.