Tips to Protect your Rugs and Carpets When you Have a Party at Home

Hosting a party at home is a wonderful way of spending some quality time with close friends and family members. However, it is also an occasion when your precious carpet takes the brunt of heavy traffic and some spills and stains too. But this does not mean you should go paranoid about guests damaging your beautiful carpet and stop entertaining at home. Rather, take a few simple steps to protect your carpet and arrange for carpet cleaning immediately after the party is over.

Place Welcome Mats at Entrances

Place a few big welcome mats at the main entrance and also at the entrance of each room so that guests can use these before entering your home. Welcome mats will also be very helpful in case you are hosting an outdoor party and guests will be moving in and out. You can also place adequate number of flipflops in a shoe rack right beside the main entrance and request your guests to leave their shoes outside.

Apply a Fabric Protector or Place Small Rugs at Appropriate Places

A fabric protector applied on your carpets or rugs can go a long way in protecting them from damage due to heavy footfall during your party. Apply the protector at least three hours before guests start arriving so that it is dries up completely and forms a protective layer. Small area rugs placed at strategic locations can also go a long way in protecting your carpet from stains and mess during the party.

Carpet cleaners should have all the necessary carpet cleaning supplies and equipments. Furthermore, they should have proper trainings and experience when dealing with this job.