Kinds Of Coffee Beans

Arabica coffee beans taste different in different countries, though the bean remains the same. The weather, soil and other environmental factors affect the taste of the bean. While there are many varieties of this coffee bean, the ones with a slightly bitter taste are best when grounded. The most number of types of this bean is grown in Africa.

Kenyan Arabica – They are bitterer in taste, compared to other Arabica varieties and taste good when grounded.

Arabica from Latin America – These taste slightly bitter but have the flavour of nuts and cocoa. Even these are grounded before use.


Robusta is another variety of beans available widely. It is less expensive than Arabica. It is widely grown but is low in quality. However, it is acidic and has more amount of caffeine. Even these beans taste good when grounded before use. These beans are mostly cultivated in Asia. Some of the best Espresso coffees are made from this bean. Robusta is used to prepare other varieties of gourmet coffees like Java or Kona.

Kona Coffee – These are cultivated in Kona districts, from Big Island, Hawaii. This is also known as one of the most expensive coffee beans in the world. To experience this, you can buy Kona coffee and grind them with the help of a coffee grinder for you to experience the rich taste.

Coffee beans taste good when grounded before using.

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