Benefits of Using Supplements When you want to Build Muscle Mass

If you are tired of sporting a lean, thin look and want a little more oomph in your appearance than building up muscle mass is something that you should be aiming at. The muscles you gain will add a new dimension to your appearance and will let you feel attractive and energetic from inside. However the fact is that muscle growth can only happen if you take enough quantity of protein. Taking supplements like whey supplements and best creatine powders will make it easier for you to gain the desired quantity of muscle.

Why is protein so important?

Every dietician and fitness instructor agrees on one point; it’s necessary to consume adequate quantities of protein if you want to replenish your cellular depletion (happens because of heavy exercise) and maintain high energy levels. Along with burning fat, exercise also eats away the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) stores in the body. In fact the aggregate rate of ATP production is directly proportional to the muscle ratio and the energy levels in the body. You should consume high quantities of protein which will help you build muscle power in your body. In fact, nutritionists advise consuming 0.8% of the body weight every day in protein. Achieving this ratio is somewhat impossible through a regular diet. This is where protein powders and creatine powders come in useful as they are a safe and an effective way of fulfilling the nutritional needs of the body.

Sample supplement plan

Once you have finalised your diet plan, you would want to consume specific supplements which will enhance your dietary consumption. You will have to plan and stick to a specific schedule for supplements. Here is what a typical schedule will look like. Before breakfast you can take l-glutamine supplements while you can take multivitamin supplements with breakfast.