Starting Your Very Own Demolition Business

Demolition industry is a dangerous business. Imagine tearing down a very huge structure into pieces. It is very risky. But it is a service needed by a lot of other industries out there. So if in case you might want to start a demolition service business, you might want to consider the following guidelines.


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1. Start small

Every business venture should start small. So that it will require less capital. And then you can first assess first if you want to grow your business or not. Besides, it will be easy to grow your company once you have established your credibility and the quality of your service.

2. Complete the requirements

You need to establish a business plan with your goals, missions and the like. After that, you have to apply for the necessary business license, permits and insurance. Make sure that before you operate, all your requirements are already in place.

3. Purchase demolition equipments

There are business owners who start on renting demolition equipments at the start of the business. But if you are in this for the long run, it will be wise to invest on some basic demolition equipments to start with. It will be a worthy investment.

4. Build up your demolition crew

Your demolition crew should be varied. You should hire general construction men who can do some of the basic demolition jobs. They require lower wage but they have good experience and capabilities too. And then of course, hire some trained professionals to handle much more complicated and hazardous areas. Having this varied crew, you can sure to have more range of possible clients that can hire your service.

5. Provide safety trainings

Demolition poses a lot of risk for all of your employees; hence, everyone should have equal opportunities and rights to have basic safety trainings. For employees that have more complex assignments, an advanced safety-training seminar should also be provided to them. You should hire professional safety training provider for this. And make sure to conduct proper assessment to check whether your employees really understood what the safety training is all about.

6. Promote your company

It is very important to advertise your company through different platforms. Creating your own website is a good strategy. But you can also use other media like print ads to make your company known to your target clients. You can even make personal visits to offer your service to some of your prospective clients.

Top 7 Demolition Safety Tips

Demolition jobs are a big part of the construction industry. They can be very dangerous if the safety guidelines and government laws pertaining to demolition are not properly followed. Construction companies should train their workers properly and as much as possible demolition safety tips should be found on posters at the workplace and construction site. This will help avoid accidents and keep everyone safe. Here are the top 7 demolition safety tips that everyone involved in demolition jobs should follow:

• Employees of construction companies and demolition contractors should be trained properly and wear the necessary safety gear while working at the demolition site. Wearing the proper attire and using the necessary protective gear will be very helpful in reducing or eliminating injuries.

• All employees working on the site should wear hard hats all the time. There are falling debris around the place. Even the slightest movements could lead to dangerous cave in or hard objects may fall from above.

• Other than the hard hat, demolition workers are required to always wear a protective face mask, gloves, and work boots. The work boots and the hand gloves should be made of sturdy leather. Steel tipped boots are the best protective footwear for demolition workers; wear them as much as possible.

• Always check every room in the area of the structure before going on with the demolition. Make sure that no one is inside and are at a safe place away from the building before giving the go signal to demolish the building.

• Explosives should only be handled by expert demolition contractors‘ trained workers during the demolition process.

• If for any valid reason, some workers are required to enter the building, the ceilings and entrance halls should be braced first.

• After the building has been torn down and the debris need to be cleared, only workers trained to operate heavy equipment like bulldozers and cranes should be allowed inside the area.

Following the demolition safety tips given above will keep everyone safe and injury free at the end of every demolition project. Whether you are the project leader or the client, make sure that everyone involved in the demolition job follows these demolition safety tips.