General Code of Practice Followed by Australian Companies Conducting Excavation Work

Australian companies have to follow a well enumerated code of practice while conducting excavation works. The code acts as a guideline for the company and ensures that the health risks of the personnel engaged in the work are fully eliminated. It enables the organization to decimate the safety risks considerably.

The code must get the approval of that particular jurisdiction. It is important for its legal implementation.

Consult your Workers

The persons engaged in undertaking the risky job must be consulted with a reasonable and practical outlook. The workers are the people who would be directly affected by the health hazards. The safety matters must be clearly explained to them.

Involve the safety representative in all your consultations. Risk management can be better handled in this manner.

Contractors and civil engineers can have some overlapping duties. Exchange of information will enable greater co-ordination. Co-operation will help you to minimize risk factors.

Risk Management Processes

Certain work zones are more accident prone. Falling from a height or hazardous tasks can cause irreparable damage. The person conducting these works must know how to adopt the right measures to tackle these risks. The basic framework always rests on identifying the hazards involved.

The next step lies in identifying the risks involved. Local weather and haul routes can cause havoc. Adopt well structured control measures. Substitution and isolation always effectively controls dangers. An excavator attached with a rock breaker is always better than the old manual method. You will have to provide protective equipment to minimize risks.

Continual reviewing is always encouraged.

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