How Australia’s Social Security Benefits Families

The commonwealth government is working hard to make life better for its citizens. Social policy programmes in Australia is implemented with the intent of strengthening the structure of the family unit. In today’s stressful and competitive world, it’s inevitable that a few families may suffer from some problems. Here is when the government steps in to help with well-meaning policies.

Family Support Program

The Family Support Program (FSP) is a government initiative administered by the Department of of Social Services (DSS). It’s goal is to support families in their important day-to-day concerns such as raising children, managing familial relationships, and protecting individuals from harmful affairs.

Building Stronger Communities

These social benefits aim to make communities more resilient by ensuring that each family is able to enjoy good standards of living. One of its important services include providing family and relationship counselling that deals with adult-relationship issues, parenting support, and young people’s concerns. It also provides intervention and assistance in helping families cope with sensitive matters such as drugs, violence, and trauma.

Parenting Assistance

Another noteworthy program is the implementation of family tax benefits. Family tax benefits are provided to parents and guardians to help them raise their children in the best possible way while alleviating financial strain. This service is target towards the disadvantaged and indigenous families.There are benefits for needy families that are struggling to bring up more than one child. For example, a Baby Bonus is given as aid after the birth of another baby.

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