Tips on Maintaining and Cleaning your Insect Screen

Your insect screen works hard all year round to keep your home free from all kinds of pests and insects. However when you are engaged in your yearly job of spring cleaning you are apt to forget that screens also need to be cleaned up along with windows. Screens like windows collect dirt, dust and grime and lose much of their utility when they become unclean. Most window screens are made of aluminum mesh or fiber glass so it’s important to maintain them properly if you want to extract best performance out of them.

Storage of window screens

Screens are typically low maintenance in nature – You can even opt to keep them in the window frames for the entire year unless you are living in an extremely cold region. If you live in a really cold area then perhaps it’s best that you take out your window screens in winter and store them in a straight position. In any case you are not going to face the problem of insects and flies in winter so there is really no need to keep your insect screens on.

Make sure that your window screens are covered with a plastic sheet when they are stored. Also make sure that you don’t put heavy goods on top of them otherwise they might get damaged. Check why the steel security doors are the best.

Cleaning Window screens

You need to remove the screen carefully and place it flat on the ground. Use a brush with soft flat bristles and a really mild soap solution to wash away traces of sticky dirt and grime. Both sides of the screen should be cleaned with equal care.

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