House Extensions

Choosing a home builder is very beneficial, because he will be able to share advice on many issues, such as planning, coming up with an expertly interior design, which is also unique, some of the do`s and don’ts and probably where to get high quality materials. However, it is important to note that choosing an expert always comes at a price, but the end result always justifies the cost of the investment.

●Permission from authorities – Most people normally forget about this, but it is a very important step. Failure to comply with the authorities may result to the entire house extensions being brought down. The relevant authorities should first receive the project`s plans, so that they are able to review them, and are thus able to give the way forward. Some of the considerations they will make before giving a go-ahead include:

-Compliance with government building and construction regulations
-Compliance with the area`s quality and standard of erecting a house.

●It is also important to consider whether the new house extension will blend with other house units in the area, because in some areas, uniformity is paramount.

●Budget issues – it is important to come up with a realistic budget, without overstretching your finances. Additionally, having a separate account ready for emergencies is very important, because there might be issues such inflation in material supplies, and other costs which had previously been under-estimated.

Things to Remember

Always keep the design simple, if you want to cut on costs
Involve the neighbors during the design period
Do not do it yourself, unless you are an expert. Otherwise you can hire the renovation companies

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