Buying and Choosing Shoes for Casual Attire

Bucks are classic casual shoes which can even be worn to semi formal events. These shoes are round toed and have thick rubber soles. These types of shoes are found in a range of colours and they are ideal for spring and summer wear. Wear Bucks with sober coloured khaki pants or casual trousers. You may or may not wear socks depending upon your mood and the nature of the gathering you are going to.

If you love experimentation then opt for lace-less Bucks with bright coloured soles. The shoe colour should not be bright if you are wearing bright pants and vice versa.


Wear sneakers

Sneakers are the best and the most popular variety of men’s shoes and they are perfect for a casual brunch or a day out with friends. Sneakers are incredibly easy to slip on and suit people of all genders, sexes, personalities and economic backgrounds. Sneakers are available in an amazing range of colours and designs but if you are not the flamboyant sort then opt for muted shades. In case you like dressing well then opt for bright coloured sneakers which you can pair with muted pants.


If you really want to experiment with moccasin colour then keep the pant shade muted. For example navy blue moccasins with white or light blue denims would look good at an informal event.

Treating fungal growth in shoes

If one of the precious pairs of men’s designer shoes you own has suffered from a fungal attack then do not despair. It’s still possible to save your footwear. Dip an old toothbrush into soap solution and firmly scrap away the fungus. Afterwards put the shoes into the sunlight so that they dry completely. Don’t forget to wash your hands and disinfect them afterwards.