Few Things You Should Check out With Your Lawyer Before You Finally Hire Him

The relationship between the client and the lawyer should be one of mutual trust and open communication. If the lawyer is not a good listener and doesn’t understand your problem with empathy then chances are that you won’t be able to develop a good working equation.

What is the case load?

If your lawyer is handling 100 cases at any point of time then it’s natural that he/she won’t have time to give you individual attention. Look for a no win no pay lawyer who has enough work (to prove his competence) but not too much (to overburden) him. The ideal case load of your chosen lawyer should be around 50. In order to ensure a fair chance of winning you need to have the attention of a lawyer who has time for you.

What is the clientele?

Get references of ex clients from the no win no pay lawyers you are looking at. Only an ex-client can give an accurate picture of the services of the lawyer. Don’t believe anything at face value and make sure that you actually check out by calling up at least a couple of the ex clients. Happy satisfied clients do not guarantee that your lawyer will win your case for you. However it does guarantee that you can expect a good level of service.

No win no fee practice areas

Generally there are specific areas in which no win no fee lawyers operate. If someone wants to file personal injury claims, catastrophic injury claims, medical negligence cases, superannuation claims, will disputes, road accident cases etc then he/she can hire a lawyer. These lawyers also operate in areas pertaining to asbestos caused diseases and class action cases.

These lawyers generally do not act in paternity cases, divorce cases and other cases which do not have a clear chance of success. Mostly these criminal lawyers will analyse your case to judge its potential of success and then take it on.


A degree in engineering along with strong technical knowledge are just some of the qualifications that a patent attorney should have.