Benefits and Importance of Getting Building Approvals Before Construction

A building approval is essential for constructing a building, granny flats, houses and others anywhere in Australia. Such an approval ensures that all construction work taking place adheres to the existing building laws and regulations as stipulated in the Building Code of Australia. In fact, in many areas a building approval or permit is mandatory before any construction can be started. Such a permit can be obtained from the designated authorities of the area where the work is to begin after you submit all necessary reports of building inspections conducted by you.

Proper Permits Protect the Value of your Property

A property is an investment and you would like to realize its full value if you ever sell it in the future. Having all the necessary permits and papers in order will definitely place your property in a better position in the real estate market. You can bargain hard and hold on to your asking price if you can provide all legal papers and prove that the building complies with all the necessary rules and regulations prevalent in your area. The value of the property will reduce drastically if you cannot show the necessary permits.

Permits can help you Get Right Insurance

Constructing or renovating a structure without the required permit can also affect your insurance claims. Always talk to your insurance agent about the type of permits you will need to submit so that you get full and continuous coverage against your property. In fact, many insurers will not offer any policy for buildings that do not have the necessary permits.

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