Elegant Shower Screens Designs

Next to the bedroom, the bathroom is the room in the house that is mostly used by its inhabitants. For some people, they even consider it as an area of retreat because no one can disturb them while they are inside the bathroom. It is also a room to indulge and relaxation by soaking in the bath tub filled with lukewarm water and scented with body soaks. To complete the ambience, beautify your bathroom by installing elegant shower screens from Perth shop.


This is the most luxurious type of shower screens. It is ideal for bathroom that is spacious. It is made of thick glass making the bathroom look very elegant. There are many specifications to choose from these kinds of shower screens including the thickness of the glass, the patterns or design of the glass, and the hinges. The sizes also vary and it is custom-made according to the size of shower area. These kinds of screens come with a warranty.


Compared to the frameless shower screens designs, this type is luxurious yet affordable. The door system is elegantly designed and it is made from high quality materials to prevent deterioration from everyday use. It is custom-made depending on the size requirement. It is fairly easy to maintain because it is made in such a way that there are no hidden corners. The design adds more security to the shower screens through the use of unique connectors. Only the high quality materials are used for the hinges. You even have the option to choose as to what material you prefer to be used for the door handles, soap trays, hanging hooks to complement the look of your semi-frameless screen for the shower. So if you want affordable elegance, go for this one- glass with frames on the top and bottom of the shower door. In addition, stainless steels are used so as to prevent corrosion.


For these types of shower screens, the corners are contoured for a more elegant and stylish appearance. There are also many options to choose from this kind of screen, like the color, the design embossed on the glass screen, and the thickness. It is easy to install because there are already available framed shower screens that can fit into your bathroom or you can have it custom-made.

Instead of using shower curtains which cannot prevent water from splashing on the other side of the shower area, install a shower screen because not only will it make your bathroom look more attractive but it will also prevent you from slips. There are various designs and materials to choose from that can fit into anyone’s budget.

Tips to Decide Between a Shower Curtain and Shower Screens

Choosing between shower screens and shower curtains can be a tough decision – both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, the right choice depends on your affordability, style, bathroom size and many other factors. It is an investment of sorts, so it’s always a good idea to do your research, know everything in detail and then make a decision. Your ultimate aim should be to make your bathroom look good.

Sealing water and spillage

Shower screens can stop water from leaking or spilling out of the bathing space. They can seal the opening firmly, preventing water from coming out. Curtains can’t really do that. They have openings and are not air tight. Water can splash out of the bathing space, making the surrounding floor wet and messy. However, this depends on your choice. If you’re ok with water splashing out, you can choose curtains, if not – choose screens.


When you invest in buying an item, you should take a lot of things into consideration – e.g. pricing, quality, and cleaning and maintenance requirement. You don’t want to spend half your time cleaning your bathroom vanity. Curtains always stand a chance of developing moulds and mildew, because they constantly come in touch with water. You have to spend extra time cleaning curtains. Screens are very convenient in this case. You can use simple detergent to clean them – or simply clean them with a dry cloth. They don’t develop moulds and require very less maintenance done by a plumber.

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