How To Conduct Team Building Activities For Managers & Supervisors

Social events and functions are not only cost effective occasions, but they are also high impact in the sense that they allow your team mates to mix informally and talk to those who may not necessarily be a part of their work group. Such informal occasions make sure that no one feels left out in the team and everyone has a chance to interact with the other person. Some ideas for a social event include a lunchtime drink, an evening meal, or an outdoor barbeque.

Community service work

If you have to bring your team together for a cause, then why not try to do something that also benefits the world? Community service work and other charitable actions are worthwhile causes to ask your team to participate in and doing something valuable like this can bring your team even closer than you reckon.

Training and developmental activities

You can also combine team building activities with individual training options and work in some business with the pleasure. As the team goes through the experience collectively, they develop a greater bonding than before.

A good team is a team that talks and identifies its problem areas, while working together to find solutions to these problems. As a team leader, the manager or supervisor needs to know how to use these occasions to provide constructive feedback to his team mates and turn their weaknesses into strengths.

A de-motivating speech or a public bashing of a team member for something he did wrong will only lead to the team morale dipping lower, and the team leader too stands to lose respect for not being able to handle such sensitive issues well.

It is very important that a team leader or manager learn to use his communication skills effectively while interacting with the team and know how to motivate his team mates better with his speech.

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